Frameworks: How to decide if a Blockchain solution should be considered

Blockchain market entry for VCs, PE Firms, Hedge Funds: 5 ways to include blockchain in your investment portfolio


What's hot and what to look out for in tech: The relevance of Blockchain within the up and coming tech

State of the industry: How does Blockchain do more than 10 years after Bitcoin was published – a recap

What is more important than tech for a useful blockchain implementation

Frameworks: How to prioritise Blockchain use cases

Frameworks: How to approach the first step for an internal blockchain implementation

Frameworks: The 6 ways to invest into crypto related projects

Frameworks: Best practices in a digital transformation

Tokenisation / STOs

Security token offerings: Assessing the market size of asset classes more complex to tokenise

Framework: How to go about determining whether or not you can benefit from tokenising your assets

Tokenisation: Benefits and bottlenecks of STOs

Tokenisation: How do ICOs and STOs differ


Moonshots: Impulses in Blockchain tech - federated learning applied to blockchain

Next generation blockchain tech: The state of academia and what universities are working on

Alternatives to blockchain implementations (a comparison: Master Slave databases, enterprise-grade Google sheets. How to choose and examples in industry)

Current bottlenecks of Blockchain tech for large-scale industry applications

An industry-relevant deep dive into blockchain tech (public & private with examples, pros and cons and why private / permissioned most likely way to go and why it is not too bad)

Industry / Corporate Adoption

The state of blockchain in industry: Examples of blockchain deployments in large corporates

How to evaluate blockchain use cases for your firm: Good and bad examples from the industry and what we can learn from them

Blockchain in insurance: Use cases, pitfalls, and how-tos

Blockchain in logistics and supply chain: Use cases, pitfalls, and how-tos

Blockchain in intellectual property and trademarking: Use cases, pitfalls, and how-tos

Blockchain in government: Use cases, pitfalls, and how-tos

Investor's Adoption

Blockchain for investors: how blockchain investments differ from classical ones and how to set up your light-touch investment thesis

Potentials and pitfalls of blockchain investments for institutional investors

The state of cryptoassets in capital markets

Framework: How to evaluate cryptoasset investment options