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About us

DenkFabrik specialises on the applicability of Blockchain – everything on the interface of business and tech

Education & Delivery

Our first pillar is delivery: We combine our hands-on knowledge with our academic, managerial, and educational skills and focus on impartial entry-level workshops, blockchain in business classes, and market entry strategies

Research & Content

We set ourselves apart by our second pillar, research on and experience in “blockchain gone live”: What worked and what didn’t when bringing blockchain tech into the real world ​

Partners & Network

Our vast network of startups, experts, and academic partners as a third pillar makes us able to execute – be it on supporting through the first investment into a blockchain venture or through the implementation of a very first Proof of Concept

Partners & Network


We’ve assembled a team of experts from computer science, product development, consulting, marketing, and blockchain investment, to bring you up to speed. We’ve brought innovation into large corporates in nearly all traditional industries from automotive to healthcare, and worked with over 40 blockchain companies to make them as successful as they are. It’s time to share what we’ve learned.

Dr. Natalie Tillack

CEO & Founding Partner

Natalie recently left McKinsey's Berlin office, where she focused on digital and analytics efforts in retail, automotive, insurance, and finance. In 2016, she obtained her PhD in Computational Physics at Oxford University. Natalie's focus is on the business applicability of blockchain technology, she mentors startups at Techstars, advises academic institutions worldwide on their blockchain education, and is head of education for the German Blockchain Association

Simon Schwerin

Blockchain in Automotive and Media, Fundraising

Simon is an accomplished professional in matters of blockchain, finance and privacy. He has worked with enterprises on blockchain solutions for roughly four years and supported XAIN AG during their fundraising processes.

Previously he worked in business strategy and project management in the crypto field with the Berlin companies BigchainDB and XAIN AG. He also has experience in the financial, healthcare and IT-consulting sectors.

Having written his Master’s thesis with special attention to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). He holds a M.Sc. in Business Intelligence and Process Management as well as a Bachelor’s in International Business.

Nick de la Forge

Blockchain in Automotive and Media, Fundraising

As a trained civil engineer, Nick provides a strong understanding of technological feasibility while being able to identify compelling business opportunities for DLT in different verticals. Nick worked at XAIN as a Business Development Manager where he was able to build solid and diversified relationships to investors (Equity and Token) as well as contacts from various industries. During his time at Earlybird Venture Capital Nick got hold of the fundamentals of investment practices.